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A/N: Hi 😀 you guys might have read this. Yes, this is the english version of Black Out, previously publised in this worpdress blog http://maifate.net/2012/03/22/black-out/

Actually, I have also published this fanfiction before on Asianfanfics more than 2 and a half years ago. *cheers.

Here’s my profile if you’re curious http://www.asianfanfics.com/profile/view/177991


English is not my native language. Please forgive me if there was any grammatical error (I already used spell check though). I hope you enjoy reading this^^



Sunny’s now watching television at the dorm. Currently other members are going out, only her and Sooyoung.

Sooyoung sat beside her, she’s busy online with her laptop. Sunny steal a glance at her, she’s like in her own world. Having fun by herself.

“Ya, what are you doing?”

“Replying Sones.”

“Ohh… UFO?”


“Watch what you type, don’t give any strange answers!”

“Yea yea, I know, you already told me so many times, and you don’t have shout like that, geez.”

“Because sometimes you just can’t shut your mouth!”

“Yea yea, sorry, I’ve been born this way.”

Sooyoung smiling to herself. She’s really happy talking with Sones. She can feel their abundant love and concern. Even though sometimes there are some annoying guys who like to ask her to play with him. She can’t do that.

[Sone] “I’m worried about you the most these days!! Take care of other unnies as well~!”

[Sooyoung] “These days, Taeyeon and Sica are carrying each other around ^^”

Sooyoung smiling at her little mischief.

[Sone] “I’m outside right now for tomorrow’s concert TT So cold! What do you think of when it’s cold!?”

[Sooyoung] “Udon?!?!?!?! And pickled radish!!,!,!,”

[Sone] “Sooyoung/ do you guys still give birthday beats and do hidden camera-type surprises? You’ve probably mastered it, kekeke. Do well on your Hey Hey Hey recording ‘_’ ❤

Sooyoung smile while reminiscing it.

[Sooyoung] “Hahaha I just… gave her a kiss.”

What she mean was Sunny. Event that happened on Sunny’s birthday.

Sunny’s eyes still glued to the TV, unbothered by Sooyoung.

“Sunny, grab some snacks for me! And drink too!”

“You have feet right? Why don’t you just go and get it yourself?” Sunny said while changing channels with the remote.

“Too lazy!”

“Then don’t just ordering someone to do it, I’m lazy too.” Sunny start singing ‘I’m a lazy girl, yeah yeah’.

“Ish, stingy!” Sooyoung get up off the couch and walk to the kitchen.

“Ah, while you’re still there, fetch some for me too!” her voice reach Sooyoung’s ears from living room.

Sooyoung standing in front of the cupboard. Her hand stopped in mid air. She roll her eyes. After that, she come back sitting beside Sunny with just one snack and a glass of water.

“Why just one? What about me?”

“What are those feet for? If you want, just go and fetch it yourself,” Sooyoung said while ripping her potato chips bag.


Sunny suddenly snatch it from her hands.


Sunny took a handfull of it.

“You! Give it back!”

Sooyoung snatch it back, but the content has been reduced much. Some of it in Sunny’s hands. They’re glaring at each other.

“Why? We have many stocks in our cupboard. If that isn’t enough for you just go and get some more.”

“Forget it, after all I’m a generous person.”

Sunny making those ugly face at her words. Then Sooyoung continue where she left off.

[Sone] “You made a mistake at the end of Gee today, didn’t you? keke. We thought you were the only correct one at first, keke.”


[Sooyoung] “I saw foreign man at the front, and he was singing along to Gee so hard… that I was just staring and…”

[Sone] “Oy.”


[Sooyoung] “Why’d you message me?”

[Sone] “taengsic jjang.”

Sooyoung typing it excitedly. [Sooyoung] “syeongtaeng jjang.”

Sooyoung is giggling, then suddenly everything becomes dark. They confused at first but after realize they shout at the same time.


Sooyoung annoyed at the sudden black out. “Great, just when I’m using my own laptop too. Should have plugged my laptop’s battery.”

Lightning strike and a clap of thunder could be heard.

Sunny yelp.

“Whoa, it sounded close. Huh?”

She’s feeling a pair of hands around her.

“Ottoke! Ottoke!” said the smaller girl.

“Ya! The air is hot! Don’t hug me!”

But Sunny still didn’t want to let it go even after Sooyoung tried to release the hug. Sunny shifting closer. And she can’t sit still.

“Calm down danshin, it will light up in just a minute.”

“Soo-Sooyoung, please stay with me. Don’t go anywhere.”

“Yeah yeah.”

Sunny regret that she left her cellphone in her room. She felt her anxiousness growing larger each second. Her hands are squeezing the latter’s clothes.

Sooyoung can feel Sunny’s body tremble. She would cover her ears in fear at the sound of thunder.


Sooyoung embrace Sunny’s shoulder without saying anything. And for some unknown reason, Sunny felt her heart racing. Maybe because this is her first time being up so close to Sooyoung.


No, Sunny what are you thinking, we’re both girls. It must be because of the clapping sound of thunder. That must be the reason why my heart is racing. Yeah, that must be it.



Half hour passed but it still didn’t show any sign that lights will turn up.

“*Yawn~ I think I’ll go to sleep.”

“No! What about me?! Don’t just leave me here alone!” Sunny yank her arm.

“Okay, then you should just go sleep in my room.”

“But I!”


“Sooyoung, I…”

“Spit it out already.”

“I… want to go to the bathroom first…”

“Go ahead.”

“No! It’s too dark! You have to accompany me!”

“Sun Kyu, what are you, a kindergarten? Even though ghosts and snake didn’t scare you-”

“Ya! I’m a girl!”

“I didn’t say you weren’t!”

“Then why’d you call me ‘Appa’ before?” (in Hello Baby)

“I’m just kidding. Do you still wanna go?”

“I do!”

Sooyoung stand and walk towards the bathroom. Following her instinct. Groping in the dark.

Sunny trailing behind her. Her hands are pulling Sooyoung’s shirt.

*Thunder clap


Sunny hug Sooyoung tightly from behind. Sooyoung had her heart skipped a beat.

Why? She wonder. She shook her head and pushed her feelings aside. Now it’s not the time to be thinking something weird. She continued to walk on. Slowly and carefully. Not long after she find the bathroom door.

“Okay, this is the bathroom. Now go on ahead.”

Sooyoung hold Sunny’s hand and lead her inside. But before she go outside, Sunny reach her hand.

“Wait! Don’t go outside please!”


“Please wait for me…”

Sooyoung begin to think that Sunny react too much.

“Wha-wha?! You want me to stay here?!”

Sunny nod.

“Seriously Sunny!”

“Please…” Sunny plead.


She feels awkward. Although the surrounding shrouded in darkness, she still spun her back towards her.

“Hurry up!”

“Don’t peek…” Sunny said while lowered her shorts.

“I don’t! And I can’t see it even if I want.”

Sooyoung standing still. Silently hearing Sunny doing her things. After a while Sunny call out to her.

“Sooyoungie, you’re still here right?”

“Yeah, don’t worry, I won’t leave until you finish.”


Then Sooyoung felt a hand on her little finger. Her breath stop. Her heart start racing. She’s feeling stiff and her nervousness built up inside her body. This is her first time being in a situation like this. She don’t know what to do. She just froze there.

Sunny felt embarassed too. But she feels better because she had Sooyoung by her side. Her cheeks were a little warmer. She’s grateful that Sooyoung can’t see her red cheeks.

One minute later.

“Finish?” Sooyoung asked after hearing the sound of toilet flushing.


“Let’s go to sleep.”


They’re making their way to Sooyoung and Jessica’s room.

“Do you want to sleep together in my bed? Kekeke.”


“Don’t worry, I won’t rape you. After all if I do that, your uncle will chase me to the end of the world,” Sooyoung said jokingly.


“You still don’t believe me? Must I swear to the God first? Or to Shik Shin?”

“You don’t have to do that, stop joking all the time!”

“Hehe, can’t help it.”

Sooyoung climb to her bed, Sunny follow her.

“Ugh, cramped…”

“Ya! If you’re gonna protest, then why did you let me in the first place?”

“Because if I leave, you’re gonna wet your bed, hehehe.”

“Yeah yeah, keep teasing me.”


“Ahhhhhh!!” Sunny cowering in fear in Sooyoung’s arms.

“Hehe, see?” Sooyoung running her fingers through Sunny’s hair. “You’re cute Sunny ah, and you’re so small that it feels good to hug you like this.”


“If other members see us now, they’ll think we’re dating, hahaha.”

“…Sooyoung…I…love you…”

“Huh?” Sooyoung didn’t expect the sudden confession at all.

Sunny feels like she wants to bite her tongue hard. What was she thinking? Saying something like that in a situation like this.

“Ah no! I mean… yes! No! It’s not like I love you and all!”

Sooyoung’s feeling butterflies in her stomach. Her gaze softened towards the smaller girl.

“I…I…” Sunny stuttered. She fear of rejection. “A-anyway, I’m going to sleep!”

Sooyoung hug her more tightly.

“Please say it again.”


“Please say it once more, I want to hear it…” Sooyoung whispered softly.

“I…love you Sooyoung…”

For a while they share a hug.

“Can I kiss you?”

Even though she can’t see her, Sooyoung felt the girl in her arms nodded. She inch her face closer to Sunny. Because of the dark surrounding, her lips only graze Sunny’s eyes. Sunny closed her eyes reflexively. Sooyoung’s lips gliding down to her nose then met Sunny’s luscious lips. Sooyoung suck her lower lip. And Sunny reciprocating her kiss.

Sunny felt the girl beside her shifting her body on top of her. Sunny flung her arms around her neck. They’re kissing passionately.

Suddenly the lights turn up again.

“Ah,” said them simultaneously. Their eyes meet for the first time. Their cheeks redden.

“Can we continue?” Sooyoung whispered bashfully.


Their lips meet again. Sooyoung slowly unbuttoning Sunny’s pajamas. Sunny start getting amused at the feeling of Sooyoung’s fingers stroking her stomach. She’s trying to restrain herself from moaning.

“Sunny…” She wants to touch her more. But before she get the chance to do that, the door suddenly opened.

“What are you two doing?” asked Jessica with her icy glare.

Sunny immediately push Sooyoung aside, she fell from her bed. Sunny hastily fasten her pajamas buttons.

“Owwwww…” Sooyoung whimpered after her butt made contact with the floor.

“We didn’t do anything weird, Sica! Just now Sooyoung was just gonna… umm… help massaging me! Yeah, that’s right!”

Her panic tone didn’t sound convincing at all in Jessica’s eyes.

“What? What? What’s all this fuss about? Did Sooyoung unnie steal cake again?” asked Yoona while peeking on their room.

“Just now, they’re almost having sex while we were out.”

“Se-se-se-sex?!” Seohyun stuttered. Her eyes wide open.

“Omo…” said Hyoyeon.

TaeNy couple pretended that they didn’t hear anything and go quietly.

“Ya, Sooyoung unnie! Don’t give bad example to our Maknae!” Yoona protest.

“I understand that you can’t control your libido, but-” Yuri chimed in.

“N-no! You’ve got it all wrong! Sunny’s making the move first!” Sooyoung cutting in while poiting to the shorter girl.

“WHA?! Why are you making me sounds like the perverted one?! You started the kiss first!”

“But you confessed to me first!”

“Before that, your hand is-!”

“What?! When?!”

And their quarreling only making it more obvious.

“Ah I see I see, forget it. Feel free to do anything that you girls want. I’m sleepy, so I’m going to sleep. Don’t bother me, okay.”

Jessica lay down on her bed and closed her eyes. Didn’t bother to say anything anymore to the couple.

“U-unnie…” Seohyun still in shock.

“Let’s just go to sleep, we have a long day tomorrow,” said Hyoyeon.

They all leaving. Now there’s only the two of them and Jessica who’s already asleep.

“This happened because of you, idiot!” Sunny hitting Sooyoung with a pillow.

“Why me? Then who confess to me just now? Walls? Ghost?”

“Yeah! Ghost!”

“Then our dorm is haunted? Kekeke, becareful Sunny, in the middle of the night they might haunt you. Don’t wet your bed, kay.”

“I’m not scared!” Sunny stuck out her tongue. “You’re the one who should be careful! Anyway, it’s late now, I’m going back to my room.” Sunny throw the pillow at Sooyoung and walk to the door.

“Sunny ah.”

Sunny stop in front of the door. Waiting for the taller girl next words.

Sooyoung say the sentence she didn’t get the chance to say earlier.

“I love you, hehe.”

“…I love you too…”

Then Sunny going out from the room.


*~The End~*


A/N : All UFOs in this fanfiction are true 😉

The reason I post this now on my blog is, well, for foreign visitors who don’t understand Indonesian language. And maybe some readers would like it or just curious, and for increasing traffics.

I haven’t made any big plan to release more english version. But if I decide to translate it, I would definitely post in this blog again.

Thanks for reading~ *bow


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  1. Tadinya ngira ada FF baru.
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  2. It feels different with english! Hahahaha lebih sweet yg ini masaaaaa padahal sama aja kyk yg dulu 😝😝😝😝

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